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Downriver Italian-American Club
Welcome to the Downriver Italian-American Club
Upcoming Events
Greektown Casino (5/9)
Taste of Italy - Bentley (5/9)
Ford Rouge Plant Tour (5/23)
Greektown Casino (6/13)
The Downriver Italian-American Club has proudly shared our ethnic culture, traditions, dances, food, and wines with Italian-Americans and the public in the local Detroit Area for nearly 45 years. Over 500 members have enjoyed the experience and joined us is our celebrations and festivities. Many events our held in our Downriver Italian-American Club Hall. Come join us in celebrating our culture by visiting one of our Events and learning a little more about the Downriver Italian-American Club.
Club Meeting
Next General Membership Meeting will be on
May 16, 2018 - 1:00pm
Downriver Italian-American Club Mission Statement
The objective of The Club is to perpetuate and enhance the cultural inspiration in America, of that found and source of culture - Italy. To interest, promote and infuse, among the members and the community at large, educational, civic social and/or charitable endeavors such as, acquainting in their welfare and maintaining and/or sustaining in them and others, the continued interest in and knowledge of the Italian language, culture and traditions.